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June 2014

Online Dating

Finding that Special Someone with Words – Online Dating

For many, the internet is an infinite source to search for companionship and even everlasting love.  Some go the gratis route and place advertisements on Craig’s List and free dating sites.  Others use paid websites, with the assumption that they will get better quality if there is an associated cost.  Social media has also played …


An Expression of Sympathy

If it were not for social media, I might not have learned of three deaths this weekend.  All have their touch of deep sadness.  One, a young man, whose murder remains unsolved.  Another, a mother close to my own age, who I knew quite casually.  The last, the husband of an …


YOUR KIDDING ME! (The Important of Proofreading)

Before you succumb to a fainting spell, the title of this blog was merely an attempt to get your attention.  Of course, I know I have used the term “your” to indicate the possession of kidding.  Obviously, I should have used “you’re” to shorten up the phrase “you are”.  Sadly, …

don't read this

Don’t Read This!

People rarely follow directions.  This is an experiment to prove this theory.  No one should be reading this particular post.  Caught you.  What made you open the link? If you want people to read your writings, you need to hook them. This is a short lesson.  Hook your readers! Theoretically, you …


Appearances Matters

One cannot help but enjoy the beauty of the bumblebee as it gathers pollen.  Yet, this same bee has the potential for producing a lethal sting.  What is the difference?  Appearances matter. As part of my professional writing services, I perform marketing and writing tasks for an attorney.  When I stopped …

thank you

Teach Your Children – The Importance of “Thank You”

It is a pet peeve of mine.  Parents should not wait for teachers to give their children basic lessons.  Reading and writing are skills that are life tools.  Likewise, mothers and fathers should be the ones providing instructions on mannerly behavior.  It is insane to think this responsibility belongs anywhere else. …

three day rule

The Three Day Rule

I admit it; sometimes my pen is lethal.  For that reason, I have invoked a three-day rule.  I hold on to my scathing notes to see if time changes my thoughts.  I have saved some important relationships with this small act of prudence. We have all experienced hurt, disappointment or …

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