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September 2014

Legacy letter for son

Legacy Letter Written for a Young Man

He was a young man. He died last Saturday.  Just a couple of years ago, we helped him write his legacy letter.  He did not know the formal name of the document that would capture his words through eternity.  He did not have many worldly possessions to leave behind.  However, …

Business correspondence

10 Important Elements of Business Correspondence

At some point in life, almost everyone will feel the need to write business correspondence.  Whether the letter is to close a business deal or complain about defective merchandise, there are at least ten components to every business letter.  Here they are in brief outline form: Sender’s address: You have …

professional profile

Can a Writing Service Spruce Up Your Professional Profile?

At one time, placement of a professional profile on LinkedIn was a considered a risk for employees. Some viewed a published announcement of credentials as a signal of prospective resignation. For certain, this climate has changed. LinkedIn has gained the reputation as the leader in professional networking sites. It is …


10 Writing Tips to Start the School Year

For many, Labor Day represents the beginning of a new school year. Although some states are in full session prior to the holiday, many districts start the next day. A number of colleges and universities begin classes at the same time. Writing skills are an imperative part of most academic …

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