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October 2014

Writefully Inspired Chosen for Marketing Award

Writefully Inspired Receives Award

Although we are generally not fans of self-promotion, we are pleased to announced that Writefully Inspired has been chosen for a marketing award.  We are happy to share the details of the press release about this local award. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Writefully Inspired Receives 2014 Best Businesses of Linden Award …

Digital Marketing tips

Some Digital Marketing Tips from Experts

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending a digital marketing panel discussion entitled “Union County Means Business: Think Globally, Act Locally”.  The presenters were United States Senator Cory Booker, Kristina Hahn, Head of Consumer Package Goods for Google, and Stan Robertson, Jr., CEO of SHR Marketing, LLC.  Tara Dowdell, an …

personal ad

Write a Personal Ad for Results

  What’s the difference between a personal ad written by a writing service and one hastily put together?  One word.  Results.  Almost a year ago, we reviewed a profile for one of our clients.  For our purposes, we will refer to this gentleman as Alex.  He is not the …

Writers and blogs

A Writer’s Tips to Great Blogs

  What compels a writer to blog? Some blog to provide information or entertainment.  Others do it to vent their opinions/agendas.  Many blog to promote their business and gain higher ranking in web searches.  Still others view blogging as a way to showcase their expertise.  Bloggers all have one goal.  …

Writing email

Email Etiquette

Some experts suggest that the advent of the computer age makes the generation of hard copy correspondence passé. However, is there email etiquette to follow?  The obvious appeal of electronic mail is the speed with which it reaches its audience.  Most email programs allow return receipts such as those generated by the …

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