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December 2014

An Inspirational Life Story

As a writer, I must confess that there are some stories that move me more than others.  When Lynda Marie Skluzak asked me to author her life story, I was elated.  I already knew her challenges and considered them  huge, followed by success.  What better time to share this story …

The Impact of Social Media

Social media has a definite impact on both business and personal lives.  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most influential when it comes to business.  In just a few words, a solitary post can deliver positive or negative information about a company or political candidate.  The result is best termed …

holiday newsletter

Holiday Newsletter

The opening song to Broadway’s Fiddler on the Roof says it well.  “Tradition!  Tradition!  Tradition!”  As the calendar approaches the end of the year,  some will write an annual holiday newsletter to communicate with family and friends.  Others prefer to inscribe handwritten sentiments , while still others enjoy sharing their …

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