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July 2015

An Ode to Punctuation

Ode to Punctuation

Are you aware of the value of skillfully placed punctuation?  In this Ode to Punctuation, we offer some insight into the function and intent of everything from periods, commas, exclamation points, and more.  We confess that the semi-colon is our favorite; it gives rise to a pause.  Life needs its …

Kiss and Slap Offenders

Kiss and Slap Offenders

Like many mothers, my mom was a source of infinite wisdom.  One of my favorites was her characterization of certain actions as a “kiss and a slap”.  She was entirely correct.  An assortment of  individuals just do not get the damage that transpires with their random assertions. Kiss and Slap …

Life’s Tchotchkes and their Stories

Moving on in life can mean passing on life’s tchotchkes and their stories. When my mother transcended to the heavens, my father allowed us to select from her treasures. I was attracted to one item because of the inscription on the box. It simply read “the family connection”. Inside was …

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