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January 2016

After the Year End Bonus

After the end of year bonus, many employees are ready to make a move.  It seemed fruitless to forgo potentially large sums of money without cause.  What should be on the top of the list for a job change in 2016?   Hopefully, it is putting together a good cover letter …

A Plea to an Addict Son

In recent weeks, obituaries for those lost to addiction have become viral.  Tears form in our eyes each time we read one of these.   As writers, we recognize the power of the word.  Memorials come after the fact.  Could even one life be saved with a plea to an addict …

the world of blogging

The World of Blogging

I have to come to one conclusion.  The world of blogging has changed my view on the world.  It has made me smarter, as well as more attuned to the possibilities blogging presents.  With a succession of keystrokes, I can promote a business or rant my hopes for world change.  …

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