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May 2016

amazing mother

To The Amazing Mother Whose Beating Heart I Heard First

There is an amazing mother in my life. One whose beating heart first started within my womb. She is named Gina for my late brave Grandmother.  And, her father’s sister.  A kind and wonderful woman.  It’s no wonder that Gina has become an amazing mother. She lives up to her …

The Powerful Legacy of the Mother Full of Grace

The mother full of grace.  The epitome of mothers was captured in beautiful song.  The Ave Maria.  Repeated in many languages.  To me, and to many.   The mother of all mothers. Then there was my mom. My own mother was full of grace. In more ways than one. Mother’s Day …

special mom

No Need to Hide this Special Mom’s Favorites

Mothers don’t usually admit to favorites.  In fact, they try to mask them.  It seems wrong to show preferences.  Almost mean.  Hurtful.   But, let me tell you about this special mom. And, how she made her favorites feel  truly exceptional. In Part Two of our series on extraordinary mothers, we …

A Brave Mother

First in a Series: Portrait of a Brave Mother

Some people brag about their grandma’s cooking.  Not me.  In fact, I can’t remember a dish she cooked that I enjoyed.  But, I can tell you this.  My grandmother was the bravest woman on earth.  A brave mother. And, the most humble one.  She wanted no one to know of …

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