How to Survive 365 Days of Gratitude: A Labor of Love

365 Days of Gratitude365 Days of Gratitude. It was a year ago that I first wrote about my personal social media campaign. In fact, you can read of its inception and its early on results. It became a daily dose of positive energy.

Cathartic. Inspirational. Heartwarming.

Candidly, it was something negative that started off my daily tributes. I am still hurting over the loss of a dear friend. Although I am sure I thanked her many times while she was here on earth, I wish I had time to do so again.

The truth is that we get caught up in things that later mean little. For example, there’s the thought of material treasures. More than likely, you thanked your husband for that anniversary diamond. However, his love is far more brilliant than any jewelry. Remember to let him know it.

Meanwhile, there’s the gratitude we express to family members. Sometimes we forget to let them know how appreciative we are of their sacrifices.

Mothers. Fathers. Siblings. Children. Unrelated Family.365 Days of Gratitude

The bottom line is that to give thanks is an amazing experience. Truth be told, I’m aware that I sound preachy here. So, I think I’d best go to some of the results of my personal gratitude campaign.

365 Days of Gratitude: The Results

I have a confession. When I set up this project, I planned on daily affirmations. Admittedly, I was a failure. I came in under the mark. There were days I did not feel well. Or times that life just took over.

I could not have predicted the results. For one, I never expected anyone to compliment my work. I am always surprised when someone runs into me in person to thank ME Huh? Apparently, my tributes started a great many people’s days. I’m glad I could supplement their online experiences.

Giving Thanks at the Right Time

In most cases, there’s no accounting for the order in which I expressed individual thanks. Yet, here are some of the notes I received from recipients:

  • I am so honored that you included me in your 365 days. You have no idea how perfect your timing is. It’s been a bit rough lately, and I haven’t been feeling very happy I cried most of last night, and when I woke this morning to see your post, I was frozen with emotion.
  • I’m at loss for words lol’s a first.
  • I wanted to thank you again for the lovely words you posted about me. Want you to know that you’ve provided much needed uplifting as I work through some business issues.
  • What a beautiful sentiment you wrote. It was such a pleasant surprise to see such wonderful things written about me. Now with my daily struggle with loneliness and sadness, it warmed my heart and lifted my sadness for a moment and made me smile

Inspiring Others to Show Gratitude

365 Days of GratitudeHere’s the other exciting thing that occurred as an upshot of the words I wrote. My own social media account is limited to my own “Friends.” However, when I tagged my tributes, it expanded my audience.

It was a consequence I never expected! Suddenly, I wasn’t the only one expressing gratitude. One of my posts actually received 131 “Facebook Likes”. The comments confirmed that I hit the nail on many. Comparatively speaking, I think I enjoyed reading the affirmations more than my initial posts. I loved making people connect and show one another appreciation.

And then, there was more. At least one person I know initiated her own gratitude campaign. I awake each day to see what she is thankful for.

It was a loss that served as an inspiration for my honoring others. Without question, the message came from the heavens.

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