The Tale of the Broken Cover Letter: It Needs a Rescue.

job-search-276893_1280There was once a broken cover letter.  It was quite lonely.  It felt rejected.

 The cover letter didn’t think it was boring.  Or, ugly.

Yet, it never received answers.  It was in waiting for a magical recruiter.

Generic cover letters will get you nowhere.

The same is true for error filled correspondence.

If you can’t get it right before you get in the door, chances aren’t you aren’t a good employment candidate.  So how exactly do you plan to make a move in the right direction?  These simple writing hints might give you a clue.

Check your Cover Letter Writing Style

When we write for the internet, we consciously make certain distinctions.  There is beauty in white space.

Candidly, we know our readers don’t have much of an attention span. 

Yes, we mean you.

We take certain liberties in conveying our message.  We forget about complete sentences.  We shorten our paragraphs.  We write like we speak.  We use contractions.  Even one word sentences.

And, one word paragraphs.

Not the best idea for a cover letter.

Be clever.  But, be formal.  Follow these rules:

  • Use spellcheck and grammar check.   And, see if they have properly picked up your errors.  They won’t necessarily know if you’ve used the wrong “their” for example.
  • Avoid being generic: The problem with choosing a template letter is that you won’t stand out.  Everyone is accessing the same site for help.  Everyone.
  • Direct your letter appropriately: Don’t be shy to research.  Find the person who will hire you.  But, be careful to forgo job application instructions.
  • Be concise: Remember where we referred to your attention span?  Prospective employers suffer from the same dilemma.  And, they see letter after letter.  Respect their time.
  • Be honest: Don’t build up skills or education you don’t possess. We promise you, you’ll get caught.  It’s like placing a dating ad and saying your hair is red.  And, it’s purple.
  • Give a quick summary of your accomplishments: Don’t be a braggart.  However, if you were the #1 salesperson for your company, feel free to mention it.  Even if the sales force consists of three people.

You Can Get Help

At Writefully Inspired, we help people draft cover letters and resumes.  Contact us for some tips to get you an interview.


The Tale of the Broken Cover Letter: It Needs a Rescue
Article Name
The Tale of the Broken Cover Letter: It Needs a Rescue
If your cover letter isn't getting you results, it needs a rescue. Learn how.

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