A Mother’s Greatest Gift is Actually Just Being Amazing

Editor’s Note:   One of our favorite things about Mother’s Day is the love that goes into tributes.   We are pleased to share another tale of gratitude, authored by Nancy Scherer.  Last year, Nancy wrote about her dad.  You can read that story here.

My Mom When She Graduated from High School

All things considered, some of the hardest things to put to paper are the easiest thoughts.   Such is the case with writing a tribute to my amazing mother.  So many thoughts flood to my brain that it is difficult to formulate an idea.  At any rate, this proves something to me.

 The influence that my mother has had on my life is beyond calculation or description. 

My mother’s name is Jean Ann McDevitt.  She is a woman of great character.  My mom is my best friend.  Whatever issue I have, I know that I can go to my mother, and it will be received without judgment.

Notwithstanding, advice only comes if I ask my mother.   She is the least intrusive Mom on the planet.   That includes when she sees me makings wrong choices.

In her wisdom, my mother knows that to learn, I must fall and learn to get up on my own. Nonetheless, she is always there to steady me.

A Mother Who Stayed at Home

Mom and Dad taking me home

We were a family of nine.   Understandably, my parents made the decision for mom to stay home with us kids.  Despite my father working multiple jobs at the same time, it could not have been financially easy.

Yet somehow, my mom found a way to make each and every dollar stretch.

Candidly, it seemed as though my mother took her cue from the biblical story of the loaves and the fishes.  Somehow, miraculously, my mom managed to feed all of us on a limited budget.  Meanwhile, I remember many times when my mother wound up with the smallest of portions.   Mom wanted to make sure that everyone took what they needed before she fed herself.

I learned a lot more about my mother in the kitchen.   For certain, she had and continues to have an amazing way of holding her temper.   There was the time that lasagna was on the menu.  Regrettably, I was in a big hurry to remove the heavy hot dish from the oven.

My mother warned me against removing the thin aluminum pan.  Of course, she knew better.  But, I insisted, and when I took the hot pan from the oven, it fell to the floor.  Along with it, went my mom’s special treat.

It wasn’t every night that we could afford all the ingredients that went into what some might consider nothing particularly fancy.

As I look back, I still feel bad that I ruined that meal.   Remarkably, it wasn’t because of anything my mother said.   Although she scolded me, my mother didn’t make me feel as though I had ruined dinner for everyone.  Instead, she tried to salvage what she could.

The Real Benefits of a Stay at Home Mom

There were advantages to having Mom at home.  For one, all seven of us were raised with compassion and confidence.

Growing up I was a tall, gawky, flat-chested young lady who was teased beyond measure.  Walking home from school, I knew one thing for certain.

For sure, Mom would be there ready to comfort me and reinforce that I was valued and valuable to the world.   She reminded me that those who didn’t see that were not worth my energy.   She taught me to respect all people and have compassion for those in need.

My mother showed me that you can be strong yet humble.

When Mom Went Out to Work and Now

Mom, Dad and Me now

At any rate, I was quite proud of my mom when she did decide to go back to the workforce.   Most of us were all grown and out of the house.   My mother started as a clerk in the local library and didn’t stay in that position. Within a short time, she was elevated to the manager of the main library of a vast facility.

Obviously, my mother transferred her skills in raising to children to managing people.  Her staff loved her as much as we do.

If you talk to my mother, she will proudly share stories of her twelve grandchildren.  They range in age from the oldest at 32 and the youngest at 13.  And, her face lights up whenever she speaks of her darling two great-grandchildren.  And yes, I can see why.  After all, her great grandchildren are my grandchildren.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned from my mother is the importance of marriage and family.  Without a doubt, my mom is the most dedicated wife and mother that walks this earth.

My mother is patient and understanding.   By no means does she let any challenge stop her from being true to those she loves.   As much as I don’t equate my mother with any violence, I suspect she’d stop anyone in their tracks who tried to hurt any of us.

There is no greater role model than my mother.


Happy Mothers Day Mom.  I love you!



A Mother's Greatest Gift is Actually Just Being Amazing
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A Mother's Greatest Gift is Actually Just Being Amazing
Long ago, this mother realized the amazing gifts given to her by her own mom. See what made her so outstanding!
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