To The Amazing Mother Whose Beating Heart I Heard First

amazing motherThere is an amazing mother in my life. One whose beating heart first started within my womb.

She is named Gina for my late brave Grandmother.  And, her father’s sister.  A kind and wonderful woman.  It’s no wonder that Gina has become an amazing mother.

She lives up to her name.

I intentionally reserved this final Mother’s Day story to honor Gina.  She deserves it.

Some mothers might brag that their daughters obviously became great because of them.

I will argue that Gina is amazing in spite of me.

I will however take credit for her most special quality.

Her endless ability to love.

I’ve decided to tell you about Gina from two perspectives.

As her mother.

And first, as the storyteller for her two small boys.

An Amazing Mother to Two Little Boys

amazing mother

Of course, Mommy’s amazing, but we also have a great dad.

His name is Reid.

My name is Mason and I am four.amazing nother

My baby brother is Bryce.  He’s almost two.

I started to love Bryce when he was still in Mommy’s belly.

I could even feel him in there.

It was so great when I met him at the hospital.

I held him super tight and I still don’t mind sharing him.

amazing mother

Cause Mommy says that brothers can take turns.

I protect Bryce from the wind and hold his hand,

Mommy tells me that’s what big brothers do.

Mommy is so amazing.

She says we need things like routines.

So we know what to expect.

So that’s why we take naps and stuff.

And read stories each and every night.

Bryce likes the picture books.

I like the ones with lots and lots of words.

Mommy teaches us about teamwork.amazing mother

Like the time something slipped behind the bed.

I went down one side to get it,

And showed Bryce how to go down the other.

Teamwork!  Such a great thing!

When we’re hurt, Mommy tells us to shake it off,

She never cries.

Cause only babies do that.

One day maybe I won’t either.

Sometimes, I do things that aren’t so nice,

And I have to say Sorry.

To make things all better.

Mommy gives the most amazing hugs in the whole world.

She makes lots of funny faces

And is so pretty

With long beautiful black hair.

I love our dates together.

We go to get bagels

And talk about our day.

Sometimes, I stay home with Daddy,

And Bryce does things with Mommy.

He’s always smiling.

Cause our Mommy

Is really AMAZING

And Loves us to the Moon and all

The Stars in the SKY.

A Contrast in Mothers

I promised to offer my own perspective on Gina as a mother.

How aptly to start at her birth.  I was in labor for more than 27 long hours.  Stayed at the hospital overnight.  Her father disappeared that evening.  I felt very alone.

I remember turning to my own mother in agony and admitting I no longer wanted to do “this”.

Yes, have a baby.  Like I had a choice.

In thoseamazing mother days, Pitocin was used quite freely so physicians could make their golf games.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience.   I was suddenly rolled into the operating room.  I think my ex was in there.  Frankly, I don’t remember anything.

Once the anesthesia mask was on, I was out cold.  I missed the joy of Gina’s birth.

I had no idea that they used forceps to extract her from my womb.  Or that her clavicle had been fractured.

When I woke up in the delivery room, I was shivering and by myself.  My ex was busy bragging about the new addition.

Yes, I will forever feel guilty that I couldn’t handle the pain.  I thought I killed my baby.

But, I was there for her lifetime.  For her joys.  And, her pains.

Funny how life works.

Gina seems to be the bionic child bearer.  And deliverer.

Never complained about the birth process.

I know this firsthand.

I proudly waited as she delivered two beautiful healthy wonderful baby boys.

With her husband by her side.

Score one for Gina’s mothering skills.  She was a champ from the beginning.

She went on to breast feeding and bonding with the boys.  And weened them by their first birthdays.

Everything on plan.

So unlike her mother.  Intuition is a blessing.

Gina is a matter of fact type of mother. She masks her worry with a glimmer of tears.

Rather than a cascade of runny boogers.  (Yes, I did say that.)

She protects my grandsons as though they are precious objects.

Although they are often bulls in a china shop.

Gina thinks nothing of inventing dance parties.

Mustache gatherings.

Hosting neighborhood sandbox adventures.

Searching for bargains.

Most of all, there’s one thing Gina can be counted on to be.

She will always be an amazing mother.  (Whose heartbeat I first heard.)

Who loves her children unconditionally.

And teaches them respect, loyalty and a fine work ethic.

Happy Mother’s Day, Gina.

You were well worth those many hours of labor!

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To The Amazing Mother Whose Beating Heart I Heard First
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To The Amazing Mother Whose Beating Heart I Heard First
There is an amazing mother in my life. One whose beating heart first started within my womb. A Perfect Mother's Day Story!

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