Appearances Matters


One cannot help but enjoy the beauty of the bumblebee as it gathers pollen.  Yet, this same bee has the potential for producing a lethal sting.  What is the difference?  Appearances matter.

As part of my professional writing services, I perform marketing and writing tasks for an attorney.  When I stopped by the other day, he was running out to court.  Since the courthouse is within steps of the office, I invited myself to join him.  Admittedly, I was curious to watch him in action.

The case was a family matter.  As I sat down next to the lawyer in the courtroom hallway, I heard a loud noise to my right.  Could it be?  Wow!  How had I missed it?  There was a young man sprawled out the entire length of the bench.  His eyes were closed and he was snoring as loud as a chainsaw.  I then realized the putrid odor in the area was coming from him.  His head was covered with a baseball hat, which the court officers would likely have him remove.  The cap was bright red, as were his shirt and sneakers.  Would this overall picture create an impression if the judge happened to walk by?  Appearances matter.

Like it or not, we are all subject to prejudgment.  Ironically, I had my own taste of it after I left the courthouse.  Another young man made a point to open a door for me.  It was not just good manners or chivalry.  When I thanked the gentleman, he asked me if I was a judge.  I wondered if his query was based on my conservative black dress or long pearls.  Or, was it premised on what I hope are the subtle signs of my maturing age?  Appearances matter.

Let me give you some examples.  I placed an advertisement to help a client secure administrative help.  The responses were amazing in many regards.  One person sent her resume with a cover letter intended for another prospective employer. Many responses were littered with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.  Out of the 50 replies I received, only ten of them were free from some blatant blunder.  Proofreading is an important part of any written proposition.  Appearances matter.

In addition to cleaning up copy for my clients, I also offer a proofreading service.  If you are working on something and need it cleaned up, please contact me at  After all, appearances matter.

Appearances Matters
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Appearances Matters
We make impressions every day. Believe it or not, how we express ourselves also has some impact on how others perceive us. Appearances matter.

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