Attention Last Minute Shoppers

Attention last minute shoppers!  It’s the day before Christmas and all through the world, someone is still fretting over last minute gifts.  Of course, there is always the option to fight department store lines and shop for a quick gift.  Have you considered an alternative present this year?  It’s not too late.

Consider the Gift of SelfChristmas Gift

Some people will not be happy unless they receive some sort of monetary or material object to unwrap.  However, there are statistics that support the concept that most appreciate the thought that goes into a handmade item.   Consider the following ideas:

  • Buy a blank notebook and decorate the cover to reflect the recipient’s name. This will become your appreciation journal.  Start with the first entry, stating something that you find as a standout about the individual.  Include a note that you will be retaining the journal for the year and writing regular entries about the recipient.  (Make sure that you have written a page or so about the person to start off the journal.)  Next Christmas, you can present them with the completed story.
  • Write a clever poem about the recipient or the holidays and put it into a calligram. A calligram takes words and puts them into a relevant shape.  The link we provided gives you a quick tutorial in setting up the appearance.
  • Start a jar of notes for the receiver to collect their list of accomplishments during the year. Write an accompanying note indicating that it can include minor feats or something as simple as a day without sweets.  Ask that the jar come back to next year’s Christmas celebration to be shared with everyone else.
  • Consider drafting a book of helpful coupons. Offer the struggling mother impromptu babysitting services.  Propose a quick car wash to the person who has no time.  Surely anyone will appreciate the efforts it takes to put together this type of present.
  • Write a short story with the recipient in mind. It does not have to be anything fancy.  Illustrate it with your best stick figures.  It is sure to be a treasure kept for many decades.

About the Holidays

There is much talk about the political correctness of wishing people a Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays.  We received our first Happy Chanukah card this year.  Although our holiday is Christmas, we were not offended that someone chose to include us in the celebration of the Festival of Lights.  In fact, we were grateful!  We are all one family.

We had no idea of the number of religious based holidays celebrated after November 1 until the New Year.  To many of us, Christmas and Chanukah are the most well-known.  However, did you know there are twenty-nine religious based holidays celebrated during this time period?  You can read about how seven major religions observe them, here.

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Writefully Inspired certainly realizes that it is the last minute, but if we can help you complete your gift, please call us at 609 756-5287.  In the meantime, we leave you with an important holiday message: “Let there be peace on earth.”

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