Be Careful What You Put in Writing

Most are familiar with the warning to be careful what you put in writing.  The caution existed eons before technology helped speed up the process of written communication.  Although many still embrace handwritten notes, others enjoy text messaging or social media posts.  Still others enjoy the instant gratification of exchanging thoughts via electronic mail.  Whatever the mode, one fact remains.  The printed word is powerful.  It has elected presidents, ended love affairs and changed minds.

careful what you put in writingLongevity and its Secrets

I inherited some fascinating documents when I gathered together an old aunt’s possessions.  There was information concerning a family secret.  She saved every sweet note any of us ever wrote to her.  Unfortunately, she also kept evidence of a family feud.  The sordid details were part of a horrendous letter exchange with another family member.  I felt the tears cascade down my cheeks as I read the personal attacks.  The printed word left behind could only live on if I allowed it.  After all, it was all handwritten.  The generations that would follow would have no need to for the details.

The Almighty World Wide Web

What is written in cyberspace does not stay there.  Actually, one might say it multiplies.  Cyberspace is no Vegas.  Social media allows for mass distribution of personal fears and fascinations.  Watch as something you thought you deleted magically appears numerous times.  It may be an anonymous attack on a former employer.  It could be a written chat with a high school crush.  Whatever it is, anything that resides anywhere on the internet can surface when you least expect it.


If you watch Judge Judy, you know that one of her favorite admonishments has to do with written documents.  Business transactions, from sales to loans, to rental agreements, all focus on the way someone put words to paper and agreed to them.  Before you add your signature, be careful that what you put in writing is clear and concise.  Read it a few times and have it checked.

Text Messages

Want a really confusing method of communication?  To us, text messaging tops the list.  How many disagreements have started because of the lack of voice intonation?  The casual use of slang and auto-correct are all factors for consideration.

What should you do?

Be careful before you put anything in writing,   Check with an experienced writer to make sure your message is clear.  Use the right words to get your point headed in the correct direction.  Contact us at Writefully Inspired for assistance in writing for success.

Be Careful What You Put in Writing
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Be Careful What You Put in Writing
Be Careful What You Put in Writing as it can change the world around you.

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