Do You Believe In Angels?

When I married my husband over a decade ago, I inherited some very nice family.  For example, his sister is one of my best friends.  (I knew that she would be the first day I met her).   I was also lucky enough to gain some great nieces and nephews.  One of them has inspired me to write about her this evening.  At 18, she is the youngest of the next generation.

Let me give you some background.  My niece is a beautiful young woman.  She is one of those people that cause heads to turn when she walks into a room.   She is tall, slender and has long dark red hair. She is model pretty.  She has a quiet way about her, that some might interpret as self-absorbed.  It is her eyes that give her away.  In reality, she is an old soul before her time.

This particular niece is the daughter of my husband’s middle brother.  She is the youngest of three children, with two older brothers.  To say that she had her daddy wrapped around her little finger would be putting it mildly.  My brother-in-law beamed whenever he was around his daughter.  She was the ultimate “Daddy’s Girl”.   It pains me to write all this in the past tense.  Unfortunately, she is now a “Daddy’s Girl” from afar.  Her father was taken from her very suddenly.  He died on a business trip.   Nevertheless, my niece knows that her dad is still taking care of her.  After all, he was with her just yesterday.

Last evening, my very beautiful niece was in a car accident.  She was the driver and actually had to be extricated from her car.  Despite her pain, she worried about her friends that were passengers in her vehicle.  Fortunately, they were all okay.  I can only imagine how scared she was as the emergency responders worked on removing her.  She came away with a two inch laceration on her forehead and a black eye.  Someone at the scene remarked that she was very lucky.  They told her that somebody must have been looking down on her from above.  Her mother tells me that she made sure to tell them who it was that continued to take care of her.  She knew it was her Daddy still keeping her safe.

The car is totaled and my niece asked her mom to retrieve only one thing.  She wanted an angel that she kept in the car.  Her mother looked all over for that angel and could not find it.  I am certain that it flew back to heaven, but is still on constant watch.   Yes, I believe in angels.  Do you?

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