Can a Writing Service Spruce Up Your Professional Profile?

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At one time, placement of a professional profile on LinkedIn was a considered a risk for employees. Some viewed a published announcement of credentials as a signal of prospective resignation. For certain, this climate has changed. LinkedIn has gained the reputation as the leader in professional networking sites. It is no longer solely used for job searches, but also for interaction with colleagues, collaborators, and clients. Therefore, it is crucial that your professional profile is well written and substantiated. How can a professional writing service capture your business persona?

It is first important to understanding the objective in creating a professional profile. Determine the prospective audience. There is a difference in presentation intended for a recruiter and potential client. The same is true for interaction with colleagues and other vendors. The end goal is almost always the same. A well-written professional profile gives you the opportunity to showcase your attributes and achievements.

What comes next? It is time to brand you. Please do not be alarmed. There is no intention to heat up a hot iron and sear some clever saying on your body. The world transacts business in brand names. Coke and Pepsi war over their brands consistently. An experienced writer will work with you to create your brand, with YOU as the product.

The internet makes for a virtual competition when it comes to attracting attention. Search engine optimization should be a part of your professional profile. Do you know how to select keywords that your audience might search? A name search is just one mechanism used within networking sites. Search terms are crucial in increasing visibility.

Length is another important feature in writing a professional biography for any social media site. Think of it as the difference between a hastily penciled sketch and a detailed portrait. It is important that the end product is polished and concise. This does not mean a few scribbled words will make an impression. Likewise, something that is redundant and hard to read will detract attention.

Consider posts. LinkedIn recently created a new feature, which allows participants to post articles, blogs or other important information. Posts are an excellent marketing tool that attract attention to you brand. They keep your name in the forefront. Pay attention to your colleagues and provide them with feedback when they make job changes or celebrate work anniversaries. Again, keep your brand prevalent and alive. Twitter is another way to remind others of the significance of your expertise.

Writefully Inspired’s knowledge is not only limited to writing services. Our experts also have considerable experience in sales and marketing products. We recognize the important in promoting your brand. You may reach us by phone (908) 925-0167 or email ( to discuss your professional profile concerns.

Can a Writing Service Spruce Up Your Professional Profile?
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Can a Writing Service Spruce Up Your Professional Profile?
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