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Writefully Inspired

What in the World Does It Mean to Be “Writefully Inspired?”

I strive to do what I consider rightful – by passing on messages to inspire others.

online content

How to Create Winning Online Content for Your Business

In a digitized world, every business recognizes the importance of compelling and engaging online content. However, a majority of us struggle when it comes to creating such content that can grab the attention of the target audience and produce results. The challenge is that in an endless ocean of online …

LinkedIn profile

Why You Absolutely Need a LinkedIn Profile in Your Job Search

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever, and you need every possible advantage you can get when trying to distinguish yourself from other candidates.  More than likely, you’ve already bought into the concept of a LinkedIn profile.  However, not all professional profiles are created equal. There may be more …

job searching

How to Make Job Searching Work During the Holidays

Understandably, it’s a crazy time of year for many people.  Job searching may not exactly be something on your mind.  However, there is the idea that you are going to need some cash to pay for those holiday presents. Meanwhile, the end of the year actually offers some exciting opportunities.  …


Writing a Resume that Will Help Skyrocket Your Career Change

People need resumes for a variety of reasons.  And, regardless of the field, a well-written resume is crucial.  There are two types of prospective employees that invariably get stuck when it comes to writing a resume.  First, there’s the person with absolutely no work experience.  And then, there are those …


Confessions of a Seasoned Ghostwriter: An Interesting Perspective

As a professional writer, I seldom write in the first person.  The truth is that in many cases, I am a ghostwriter.  Frankly, only a select few know I am responsible for what they read.  Alas, I seldom get the credit for my words. Make no mistake.  I would love …

Content marketing

What You Need to Know about Content Marketing

If you’re in any type of business, you need to know about content marketing.  Not sure what we mean?  We’ll give you some insight. Content marketing pertains to your online presence.  It’s your opportunity to develop your brand.  Showcase your business.  Do it through blogs.  Social media.  Videos. There’s an …

political post can destroy business

Caution! One Political Post Can Destroy Your Business!

We won’t get too specific here because we aren’t looking to hurt a friend’s business.  We’ll call him Frank.  Once in a while, Frank shares news articles about the upcoming election.  He writes very little commentary.  A college friend couldn’t keep quiet.  He didn’t like Frank’s politics. What happened next, …

careful what you put in writing

Be Careful What You Put in Writing

Most are familiar with the warning to be careful what you put in writing.  The caution existed eons before technology helped speed up the process of written communication.  Although many still embrace handwritten notes, others enjoy text messaging or social media posts.  Still others enjoy the instant gratification of exchanging …

After the Year End Bonus

After the end of year bonus, many employees are ready to make a move.  It seemed fruitless to forgo potentially large sums of money without cause.  What should be on the top of the list for a job change in 2016?   Hopefully, it is putting together a good cover letter …

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