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perfect resume


The job market is still tight.  The perfect resume might open a few doors.  However, exactly what is the perfect resume?  How important is it? In this case, perfection is often in the eyes of the audience.  After all, prospective employers are the ones who will pick up your condensed …

Writefully Inspired Chosen for Marketing Award

Writefully Inspired Receives Award

Although we are generally not fans of self-promotion, we are pleased to announced that Writefully Inspired has been chosen for a marketing award.  We are happy to share the details of the press release about this local award. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Writefully Inspired Receives 2014 Best Businesses of Linden Award …

Writers and blogs

A Writer’s Tips to Great Blogs

  What compels a writer to blog? Some blog to provide information or entertainment.  Others do it to vent their opinions/agendas.  Many blog to promote their business and gain higher ranking in web searches.  Still others view blogging as a way to showcase their expertise.  Bloggers all have one goal.  …

Business correspondence

10 Important Elements of Business Correspondence

At some point in life, almost everyone will feel the need to write business correspondence.  Whether the letter is to close a business deal or complain about defective merchandise, there are at least ten components to every business letter.  Here they are in brief outline form: Sender’s address: You have …

professional profile

Can a Writing Service Spruce Up Your Professional Profile?

At one time, placement of a professional profile on LinkedIn was a considered a risk for employees. Some viewed a published announcement of credentials as a signal of prospective resignation. For certain, this climate has changed. LinkedIn has gained the reputation as the leader in professional networking sites. It is …


The Ice Bucket Challenge as a Marketing Tool

No one should doubt the power of social media. Consider the Ice Bucket Challenge. It is a marketing idea gone viral. Its intention is to bring focus to Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), otherwise known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. It is a debilitating disease. The challenge calls for individuals to video …


Give Your Marketing Content Sex Appeal

It is a well-known adage that sex sells. This applies to all types of writing, including information written for professional websites. Of course, this does not mean that your marketing content should resemble an excerpt from an erotica publication. Rather, it should be suggestive and seduce your reader to want more. …

don't read this

Don’t Read This!

People rarely follow directions.  This is an experiment to prove this theory.  No one should be reading this particular post.  Caught you.  What made you open the link? If you want people to read your writings, you need to hook them. This is a short lesson.  Hook your readers! Theoretically, you …


The Importance of a Well-Written Blog

So, what’s in a blog and what’s the point of writing one?  For some, the blog is perceived as a way to climb up the search ladder and secure a prevalent position on the World Wide Web.  Others find blogging gives them the opportunity to vent and present their point …

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