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How Your Dating Profile Compares to a Fishing Expedition

The sea hath fish for every man.   –William Camden No doubt your dating profile should be the proverbial hook. If you’re out there dating, you surely understand the comparison between dating and fishing.  So much so, that one popular online dating site sums it up as Plenty of Fish. …


Confessions of a Seasoned Ghostwriter: An Interesting Perspective

As a professional writer, I seldom write in the first person.  The truth is that in many cases, I am a ghostwriter.  Frankly, only a select few know I am responsible for what they read.  Alas, I seldom get the credit for my words. Make no mistake.  I would love …

Love letters

Do You Like Surprises?

Do you like surprises? Every now and again, I enjoy writing blogs that may seem to have little to do with our company’s mission.  Today, I want to touch upon how much surprises matters to me.  In reality,  Writefully Inspired encourages its clients and followers to develop their communication skills.  …

personal ad

Write a Personal Ad for Results

  What’s the difference between a personal ad written by a writing service and one hastily put together?  One word.  Results.  Almost a year ago, we reviewed a profile for one of our clients.  For our purposes, we will refer to this gentleman as Alex.  He is not the …

Online Dating

Finding that Special Someone with Words – Online Dating

For many, the internet is an infinite source to search for companionship and even everlasting love.  Some go the gratis route and place advertisements on Craig’s List and free dating sites.  Others use paid websites, with the assumption that they will get better quality if there is an associated cost.  Social media has also played …

first impressions

Trust Your Instincts (First Impressions)

There is a lot to be said about first impressions. Even so, some say it isn’t fair to judge a book by its cover.   There is some truth to that statement as well. Consider the book cover of E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey”. It features an unadorned open necktie. …

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