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Why You Absolutely Need a LinkedIn Profile in Your Job Search

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever, and you need every possible advantage you can get when trying to distinguish yourself from other candidates.  More than likely, you’ve already bought into the concept of a LinkedIn profile.  However, not all professional profiles are created equal. There may be more …

job searching

How to Make Job Searching Work During the Holidays

Understandably, it’s a crazy time of year for many people.  Job searching may not exactly be something on your mind.  However, there is the idea that you are going to need some cash to pay for those holiday presents. Meanwhile, the end of the year actually offers some exciting opportunities.  …

perfect resume


The job market is still tight.  The perfect resume might open a few doors.  However, exactly what is the perfect resume?  How important is it? In this case, perfection is often in the eyes of the audience.  After all, prospective employers are the ones who will pick up your condensed …

Letter of Recommendation

Write a Letter of Recommendation

Need to write a letter of recommendation?  The request most likely came by phone call or email.  It may be from a former student, a business colleague, or even a friend.  They need your recommendation to make them look spectacular to a college, prospective employer or some other important entity.  …


YOUR KIDDING ME! (The Important of Proofreading)

Before you succumb to a fainting spell, the title of this blog was merely an attempt to get your attention.  Of course, I know I have used the term “your” to indicate the possession of kidding.  Obviously, I should have used “you’re” to shorten up the phrase “you are”.  Sadly, …


Appearances Matters

One cannot help but enjoy the beauty of the bumblebee as it gathers pollen.  Yet, this same bee has the potential for producing a lethal sting.  What is the difference?  Appearances matter. As part of my professional writing services, I perform marketing and writing tasks for an attorney.  When I stopped …


The Importance of a Well-Written Blog

So, what’s in a blog and what’s the point of writing one?  For some, the blog is perceived as a way to climb up the search ladder and secure a prevalent position on the World Wide Web.  Others find blogging gives them the opportunity to vent and present their point …

first impressions

Trust Your Instincts (First Impressions)

There is a lot to be said about first impressions. Even so, some say it isn’t fair to judge a book by its cover.   There is some truth to that statement as well. Consider the book cover of E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey”. It features an unadorned open necktie. …

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