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life story

The Importance of Documenting a Life Story

Many find pleasure in researching genealogy, as family history tells us of the past that led to today’s people. The living are the greatest equipped to tell their own life story. They have their own version of yesterday’s tales. They best explain the background of family traditions. As a writer, …

annual remembrance

Writing an Annual Remembrance

I recently read an interesting idea; it suggested writing a letter to your child each year and enclosing money in the envelope containing the communication.  The premise was to present the collection as a graduation gift.  It almost sounded like a fantastic proposition. I thought about it.  Words are invaluable.  …

next of kin

Leaving the Real Valuable to Next of Kin

No one likes to think of death. However, one thing is for sure. Tomorrow is promised to none of us. Some profound songwriter summed it up pretty well: “We’re not getting out of here alive.” When confronted with the certainty of death, some run to their attorneys to devise strategies …

It’s All About the People

When I was a child, I was subjected to the normal query asking what I wanted to be when I grew up and became an adult. Invariably, I had the same answer. I wanted to be a “famous” author. I am not sure what stories I thought I would tell …

family roots

Where Did I Come From? (Family Roots)

Let me forewarn you.  I am not about to reveal life’s great mysteries to you.  I am not going to tell you the facts of life.  You will have to look elsewhere for tales of the birds and the bees.  However, I do want to help you find out where …

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