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pandemic to do my own nails

It Took a Pandemic for Me to Do My Own Nails

It’s been more than three decades since I did my own nails.  While I haven’t held fast to an absolute pampering ritual of every two weeks, I generally lack the patience or skill to attempt a manicure. Meanwhile, the world will soon realize that at sixty plus, I’m not exactly …

365 Days of Gratitude

How to Survive 365 Days of Gratitude: A Labor of Love

365 Days of Gratitude. It was a year ago that I first wrote about my personal social media campaign. In fact, you can read of its inception and its early on results. It became a daily dose of positive energy. Cathartic. Inspirational. Heartwarming. Candidly, it was something negative that started …

life story

When It Looks Like a Life Story is a Great Way of Saying Thanks

Without question, the holidays bring on some great gratitude messages.  After all, we’re swiftly approaching the name day for words of appreciation.  It might not have occurred to you.  Your life story might actually be a great way of saying thanks. Think of it this way.  No one knows your …

What Happens When You Decide to Publicly Express Gratitude?

Admittedly, it’s become a rather unintentional experiment.  A personal, yet public one.  Like me, you might be surprised to learn what happens when you decide to publicly express gratitude. Social media offers a plethora of opportunities.  For many, it acts as a forum for political debate.  On the other hand, …

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