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When You Really Need to Write a Eulogy and Don’t Know How

Pardon me.  I know this might come off as morose.  However, there may be a reason you need to write a eulogy.  And, like most, consider it an insurmountable task. I was just a child when I attended my first funeral.  Unfortunately, it was the death of my infant sister.  …

Legacy letter for son

Legacy Letter Written for a Young Man

He was a young man. He died last Saturday.  Just a couple of years ago, we helped him write his legacy letter.  He did not know the formal name of the document that would capture his words through eternity.  He did not have many worldly possessions to leave behind.  However, …

robin williams

Tragic Loss of another Talented Life – RIP Robin Williams

 Money. Talent. Humor. Popularity. Some of the best-loved people are sad enough to take their own lives. Yet, there are those who would call their actions cowardice. Others will proclaim that we call too much attention to glorified Hollywood types. In life, Robin Williams did something for many of us. …


An Expression of Sympathy

If it were not for social media, I might not have learned of three deaths this weekend.  All have their touch of deep sadness.  One, a young man, whose murder remains unsolved.  Another, a mother close to my own age, who I knew quite casually.  The last, the husband of an …

next of kin

Leaving the Real Valuable to Next of Kin

No one likes to think of death. However, one thing is for sure. Tomorrow is promised to none of us. Some profound songwriter summed it up pretty well: “We’re not getting out of here alive.” When confronted with the certainty of death, some run to their attorneys to devise strategies …

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