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September Solutions

September Solutions: A New Perspective on Resolutions

Many delegate the onset of a new year as a time for resolutions.  How about a novel approach?  We suggest considering September Solutions. Students know it. Teachers do as well.  September is when everything starts fresh.  Some dread the new beginnings.  Others embrace it as a time to make changes. …

Keep Your College Admissions Essay Clean

Keep Your College Admissions Essay Clean

This time of year many high school seniors are scrambling to write college admission essays.  Some will comb the internet for clever tips on producing perfect copy.  Others will actually employ perceived experts to write on their behalf.  At Writefully Inspired, we have one piece of important advice.  Keep your …

An Ode to Punctuation

Ode to Punctuation

Are you aware of the value of skillfully placed punctuation?  In this Ode to Punctuation, we offer some insight into the function and intent of everything from periods, commas, exclamation points, and more.  We confess that the semi-colon is our favorite; it gives rise to a pause.  Life needs its …


10 Writing Tips to Start the School Year

For many, Labor Day represents the beginning of a new school year. Although some states are in full session prior to the holiday, many districts start the next day. A number of colleges and universities begin classes at the same time. Writing skills are an imperative part of most academic …

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