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the world of blogging

The World of Blogging

I have to come to one conclusion.  The world of blogging has changed my view on the world.  It has made me smarter, as well as more attuned to the possibilities blogging presents.  With a succession of keystrokes, I can promote a business or rant my hopes for world change.  …

hire a blogger

Why Hire a Blogger?

It might seem simple enough to blog for your own website.  So, why hire a blogger?  After all, you know your business better than anyone else does.  What’s the big secret that even warrants the consideration to hire a blogger? First, do you have the time?  Blogging may seem like …

Writers and blogs

A Writer’s Tips to Great Blogs

  What compels a writer to blog? Some blog to provide information or entertainment.  Others do it to vent their opinions/agendas.  Many blog to promote their business and gain higher ranking in web searches.  Still others view blogging as a way to showcase their expertise.  Bloggers all have one goal.  …


The Importance of a Well-Written Blog

So, what’s in a blog and what’s the point of writing one?  For some, the blog is perceived as a way to climb up the search ladder and secure a prevalent position on the World Wide Web.  Others find blogging gives them the opportunity to vent and present their point …

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