Caution! One Political Post Can Destroy Your Business!

We won’t get too specific here because we aren’t looking to hurt a friend’s business.  We’ll call him Frank.  Once in a while, Frank shares news articles about the upcoming election.  He writes very little commentary.  A college friend couldn’t keep quiet.  He didn’t like Frank’s politics.political post can destroy business

What happened next, amazed us.

We did the natural and did a scroll of Frank’s posts.  There were few that were political.  We decided to joke about it with Frank.  It turned out it wasn’t so funny.

It wasn’t his former classmate’s comments that got to Frank.  It was something entirely different.

Frank has no problem sharing his distaste for discrimination.  He used his personal Facebook account to offer his opinion on North Carolina’s new law.  Frank really didn’t care who disagreed with him.  He wanted his voice in the controversy.

And, then there was the email transferred through Frank’s professional business website.

Apparently, someone had researched Frank and decided to “teach” him a lesson.  In short, the sender admonished Frank for his personal post.  And, warned him it could destroy his business.

Frank is a man with strong convictions.  Two separate occasions.  Is there a problem?

The Problem with Political Commentary and Business

You see a great number of political posts.  As we write this, it’s even difficult to keep quiet about our own preferences.  We are certain of one thing.

Just one political post can destroy your business!

We’re used to seeing the assortment of memes for different views on social media.  It doesn’t matter if they are true or not.  Post away and see what sticks.

You can lose friends if you disagree.  In real life or in the cyber world.  With a mere click of the mouse, you can be banished for your views.

The same is true for business.  We shudder when we read the opinions of colleagues on LinkedIn.  Their open diatribe is an invitation for disaster.

What’s Your Opinion?

Have you come across this phenomenon?  We’d love to know.  Drop us a line and share your thoughts!


Caution!  One Political Post can Destroy Your Business!
Article Name
Caution! One Political Post can Destroy Your Business!
There'a a huge temptation to share your thoughts. However, you should always exercise caution. Just one political post can destroy your business!

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