Confessions of a Seasoned Ghostwriter: An Interesting Perspective

ghostwriterAs a professional writer, I seldom write in the first person.  The truth is that in many cases, I am a ghostwriter.  Frankly, only a select few know I am responsible for what they read.  Alas, I seldom get the credit for my words.

Make no mistake.  I would love you to know what I’ve authored.  There is a certain amount of vanity in finding the right words.

I want you to think I am clever and smart. 

As someone who writes for many industries and individuals, I am constantly challenged.  There’s no question that it’s a big responsibility to be a ghostwriter.

After all, everyone assumes that it’s my clients who write their online marketing content.  Or, put together a spectacular email for sales purposes.  It’s up to me to make sure copy is credible and compelling.

On a personal level, there’s great joy in ghostwriting stories about people.  And, similar satisfaction when a client tells me that the resume or professional profile I wrote got them in the door and hired.

How I came to be a Ghostwriter

First, there’s the amusing story about how I decided I wanted to be a professional writer when I grew up.  At the time, I was a sixth-grade student in a parochial school.   My assignment was to compose a vocation prayer for a contest.

I was one of the competition’s prize winners.

ghostwriterApparently, my mother was quite proud of me.  Several decades later, I discovered the newspaper clipping marking my award.  It was just the beginning.

The saga continued.  Next were the years I wrote and delivered speeches that found me on the national stage.  I authored articles and books that actually allowed me a by-line.

And, then I switched gears.

The truth is that unless you are writing sorted novels, you aren’t necessarily making big bucks as a professional writer.  After all, people who write for a living are artists.

Only a few can make it big, although money is of little significance to those who are passionate about the written word.

For a while, I was a single parent and needed a decent income.  Every dollar mattered.

I moved on to a career in law and then into professional sales.  Honestly, I am grateful for the transition.  It was a multi-faceted education.

My pen was always active.  I quickly realized that many hate to write and find it as frustrating as I consider algebra and geometry.

Decades later, I made a bold move that brings me to today.

I now have the luxury of a supportive husband and early retirement from a very satisfying career.  And, a ton of connections.

That’s Just the Beginning of the Story

I started small.  This involved writing for mere pennies for a national attorney marketing firm.  Without a doubt, I was one of their few writers who wasn’t outsourced from another country.

I educated myself.  I discovered the concept of keywords and my role in search engine optimization.  My knowledge base has since expanded to recognize the importance of titles in drafting content.

At first, I was reluctant to write outside my local jurisdiction.  And, then I realized that the internet made it easy to research other parts of the country.

I didn’t stop at ghostwriting for law firms.

There were things to learn about other industries.  I’ve written technical content for companies that have referred to me as a master wordsmith.  And basically patted myself on the back for writing something that was entirely foreign to me.

The challenge of getting a message across motivates me.

Professional Writing at a Personal Level

The most rewarding part of my career as a ghostwriter has everything to do with people.

There is no doubt that everyone has a story.  Not everyone knows how to tell it.


It might mean helping people sell themselves in a well-developed resume or cover letter.

Or, assisting someone with putting together an amusing dating profile.

One of my personal favorites is drafting ethical wills.  The idea is not one that requires a lawyer.  Instead of your valuables, you devote paper to passing on your values.  You can read a story about one here.

Ghostwriting stories about both living and deceased people is exciting.  Especially when they involve preserving family history. 

Frankly, legacy writing touches me the most. The past will eventually fade away if not captured somehow.

Do You Need a Ghostwriter?

I’ve given you some insight into why and how I took on a career as a ghostwriter.  Writefully Inspired was founded on a dream.  One that has come true.

Could you use the services of a professional writer?  I would be more than happy to assist you.  Finding the right words for you is within reach.  There is no cost to chat concerning your needs.  Get in touch through the information found here.

Confessions of a Seasoned Ghostwriter: An Interesting Perspective
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Confessions of a Seasoned Ghostwriter: An Interesting Perspective
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