Why Hire a Blogger?

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It might seem simple enough to blog for your own website.  So, why hire a blogger?  After all, you know your business better than anyone else does.  What’s the big secret that even warrants the consideration to hire a blogger?

First, do you have the time?  Blogging may seem like something that can be done in a matter of seconds.  However, blogging involves more than just simple words put to paper – or more specifically, the virtual world of the internet.  Most often, the purpose of blogging is to promote your business.  It can be an excellent marketing tool if used correctly.  If you compose something of interest, you may be viewed as an expert and attract people to your website.  The more times your website receives hits represents your best chance at new business.

What are some of the secrets that a good blogger has mastered?  First, what do you really understand search engine optimization?  Do you know anything about creating inside and outside links?  What about using keywords?  Do you know how to generate long tail keywords?  Does your content have mass appeal to searchers?  Have you included anchor text?  Are your headlines effective?  Is your blog consistently linked to social media?

A professional blogger knows these tricks of the trade as intuitively as any company should know its own business.  For example, Writefully Inspired does a great number of legal blogs.  One of our writers has extensive experience serving law firms.  We understand that there is a great deal of competition among legal experts hoping to attract prospective clients to their sites.  We therefore present information on a variety of topics, including new changes in the law.  In short, our goal is to educate and make our law firm clients shine as experts.  Of course, we do so without the benefit of a by-line, as the proverbial ghostwriters.

At Writefully Inspired, we have created web content and blogs for a number of concerns.  Our work has appeared on business sites, including those for medical billing experts and nutritionists.  In addition, we have produced web content for industrial businesses, as well as sales organizations.   We can generate skillful text based on client directive or suggest our own topics.  Our only requirement is that our clients review our content for accuracy.  We also recommend that changes are not made that may pose a problem with words placed for strategic search engine optimization.

If you wish to increase your web exposure and produce consistent content, please contact us.  We will gladly meet with you by phone, Skype or in person to discuss your needs.

Why Hire a Blogger
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Why Hire a Blogger
Why hire a blogger? It may seem easy enough to do on your own. However, search engine optimization and time are reasons enough to hire a blogger.

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