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holiday newsletter

The opening song to Broadway’s Fiddler on the Roof says it well.  “Tradition!  Tradition!  Tradition!”  As the calendar approaches the end of the year,  some will write an annual holiday newsletter to communicate with family and friends.  Others prefer to inscribe handwritten sentiments , while still others enjoy sharing their loved ones in pictorial greetings.  Have you considered putting together an annual holiday newsletter as your family’s tradition?  End the year with beautiful personal correspondence.

Social media has taken the place of many holiday newsletters.  Parents freely take their bragging rights to the internet, rather than saving it for the end of the year.  However, a number of people argue that it is still nice to receive regular mail.  What should the holiday newsletter contain?

  • Space Limitations.  Limit your holiday newsletter to just one page and be sure to sign it to add a personal touch.
  • Consider your audience.  How personal do you want to get?  Most holiday newsletters are based on immediate family and pets.  Write about those who are most important to you.
  • All Brags are Off.  No matter how much you feel like boasting about an accomplishment,  very few like a braggart.  Humility is a well-respected virtue.
  • Remembrances.  If you lost a loved one during the year, the holiday newsletter is a good time to share memories of the individual.
  • Express gratitude.  Reflect on the past year and share what made it special.
  • Sweat the Small Stuff.  Although you do not have room to share all of last year’s antics in limited space, throw in some of the funny occurrences.  Everyone enjoys a good laugh.
  • Throw in an Old Memory.  Many families have a tradition that changed with times.  For example, one year, my family decided to have a $5.00 Christmas grab bag.  We all chuckled as we opened up umbrellas!  Apparently, everyone had the same idea.

The holidays represent a wonderful time to many people.  However, a number of individuals  find the end of the year to be dim and difficult.  Consider making your holiday newsletter a tradition that all look forward to year after year.

If you need assistance with your holiday newsletter, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Holiday Newsletter
Article Name
Holiday Newsletter
As the end of the year approaches, consider writing a holiday newsletter to share with friends and families. Use these simple tips for success.

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