How Your Dating Profile Compares to a Fishing Expedition

The sea hath fish for every man.   –William Camden

dating profile

No doubt your dating profile should be the proverbial hook.

If you’re out there dating, you surely understand the comparison between dating and fishing.  So much so, that one popular online dating site sums it up as Plenty of Fish.

Assuredly, your catch will be scarce without attractive bait.

Without question, your first lure is your photograph.

However, your words matter.   And, can make a difference in finding the catch of a lifetime.

And, yes, your dating profile means casting your lines.  Literally.

Some Tips about Your Dating Profile

dating profileFor starters, you should consider dating an investment.   Of time, for certain.  And, money as well.

Yes, you can go a free dating site and put up a limited profile.  However, you often get what you pay for.  And, nothing may bring you nothing.  And, often does.

Online dating can be a frustrating experience.  It takes courage to reach out to random strangers and seemingly look for initial approval.

Not everyone will be swayed by your picture.  Most will crave more information.  So, here’s some hints on getting some bites on your dating profile:

  • Come up with an alluring headline
  • Mix creativity with humor
  • Tell a story
  • Check your spelling and grammar (This service does the basic job for you at no cost.)
  • Keep it honest
  • Limit your temptation to be braggadocios or self-deprecating

Obviously, there’s much more.   And, we can tell you some tales from experience of reviewing and writing dating profiles.  Personal ads need a unique flair.


Seriously, nothing is more cliché in a dating profile than a saunter by the surf.  And, you don’t get extra points for placing the setting at sunrise or sunset.


More than likely, you’re not the only one intimidated by the online dating world.  If someone expresses interest in your profile, be kind.

There’s no need to tell someone they are too short, too skinny, too fat or too anything.

What Are You Fishing For?

When you decide to set up a dating profile, you need to be honest with yourself.  Do you think of dating as a sport?  Essentially, is your plan to throw back what you catch?

Actually, it’s perfectly acceptable to want to take it slow and see what happens when you put yourself out there.  However, it’s really not okay to misrepresent your intentions.

Not everyone that puts up a dating profile is searching for a life partner.  In fact, many just want an occasional companion and even a friend.

dating profileCandidly, you’re doing yourself and your prospective date a huge disservice if you say what you think someone wants to hear. 

In our experience in writing dating profiles, we’ve counseled many good people on the bad ways they were conveying their message.

For us, it was easy.   We put ourselves as the reader.

And, that includes understanding the text in between the lines.

What does this translate to?

By and large, a dating profile is a sales pitch.

You can be self-limiting and specific with your desires or demands.

Or, you can write an alluring personal ad that gives you some choices.

Personal Dating Assistants

Have you heard of personal dating assistants?  Admittedly, it’s not something we’ve done but we do find it somewhat intriguing.

Truthfully, we’re wondering if it could take the fun out of the search.

It’s doing the work for you.   Not only baiting the hook, but essentially reeling in the catch.

Like us, you may be fascinated by the concept.   Here’s something we found that might be of interest.

We think it’s akin to hiring someone to fish for you.

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