Imagination: Encourage Children to Use It

Imagination: Chilldren Should Use It

Imagination. As a professional writer, it is one of the things I treasure most in my life.  The ability to create something grand from a passing thought is invaluable.  In a sense, the computer age has stunted some imaginations.  Children are not necessarily encouraged to draw a picture on a blank piece of paper.  Likewise, many would rather play a video game than write a story or read a book.  It is undoubtedly a challenge to today’s parents and teachers.

These days my regular mailbox rarely brings me anything but advertisements and bills. Consider my delight when I opened a hand-addressed envelope and an interesting paper cutout fell to the floor.  It reminded me of a slightly larger version of a paper doll.  The bottom half was a neatly colored body.  The beautiful photographed face strongly resembled my dear friend’s daughter, Ava.

Although I was honored to receive a gift from Ava, I was confused. Thankfully, there was a letter enclosed with the cut out.  My mistake.  The note was from the paper doll, which was actually named Addison.  It seems Ava and Addison are friends.  The two felt I might help their class visit different places.  Sound familiar?

The doll is a take on the Flat Stanley book, originally written in the 1960s.  In the book, Flat Stanley takes advantage of his flat body to visit the world.  It seems Flat Addison wants a journey of her own.  Her instructions to me were to take her to places and photograph her.  Then, I need to send back a message concerning her trip while she was with me.  Ultimately, Flat Addison will go back to her second grade classroom.  What a great imagination to come up with this concept!

Where do I plan to take Flat Addison? I am local enough to show her the Statue of Liberty.  I think she may even enjoy a day in court if I can get a judge to pose for a picture.  Hmmm…I am thinking Flat Addison needs to dress up in a Rutgers shirt.  She may even take a ride high up on a fire truck’s aerial ladder.  Flat Addison is in for a good time while she is here in New Jersey.  After all, I enjoy using my imagination.

Imagination: Encourage Children to Use It
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Imagination: Encourage Children to Use It
As a professional writer, I understand the significance of imagination. Children should be encouraged to use it.

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