The Impact of Social Media

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Social media has a definite impact on both business and personal lives.  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most influential when it comes to business.  In just a few words, a solitary post can deliver positive or negative information about a company or political candidate.  The result is best termed a spiral effect.  The same is true when writing personal posts.  Many a friendship has ended because of something someone saw on Facebook.

Business and Political Concerns

Let’s first look at the impact of social media on business and political concerns.  To many companies and politicians, social media is a strategic marketing tool.  It is a way to get out a message to a vast audience.  It’s fantastic that a company or politician has the opportunity to control the information presented on their behalf.  Are there examples of negative publicity egged on by social media?

Of course, one has to look no further than President Obama to understand the negative impact of social media.  When President Obama was running for office, he ran a strong social media campaign.  Although many Americans continue to boast of his accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter, there are a great number of negative posts about him.  How would this be different if social media was non-existent?

Chick-fil-A is an example of a company that encountered increased publicity as a result of the impact of social media.  The company came out with a statement, admitting that they contributed to anti-gay charities.  According to Forbes, Chick-fil-A then attempted to correct any negative backlash on their Facebook page.  No formal press release was issued on the subject.  The matter did not sit well with many would be customers at that time.

Impact on Personal Lives

How does the impact of social media transfer to  personal lives?  Think about it.  Would you know that your best friend went to a party without you and failed to tell you?  Would you realize that you were not even invited to the get together?  A picture speaks many words when posted on Facebook or Instagram.  Could your feelings be spared if it were not for social media?

Here are some other negative ways that the impact of  social media is seen in  personal lives:

  • Encourages people to be too public about their private lives
  • Provides documentation that can hurt legal cases by insinuation
  • Affords a substitution for real life relationships
  • Promulgates unnecessary arguing on religious and political issues
  • Leads to isolation and/or imaginary lives
  • Provides a forum of unnecessary exchanges that can be hurtful
  • Can result in a cyberstalking tool

Of course, social media also gives individuals the ability to “unfriend” others because they disagree with an opinion or stance.  Really?  Is this something one would do face-to-face?  Doubtful.  People tend to talk things out in real life situations.

How has social media impacted your business or personal lives?  Has it enhanced them or added more stress?  If you need some help with a social media campaign for your business, contact us for assistance.

The Impact of Social Media
Article Name
The Impact of Social Media
Social media has an impact on business and personal lives. How is it affecting yours?

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