The Importance of a Well-Written Blog

So, what’s in a blog and what’s the point of writing one?  For some, the blog is perceived as a way to climb up the search ladder and secure a prevalent position on the World Wide Web.  Others find blogging gives them the opportunity to vent and present their point of view.  Still others use blogs to provide important information.  Technically, all three can be done at the same time!

Let’s face it, many businesses use blogs to promote their products.  They create superfluous materials that hyperlink readers back to their sites.  Admittedly, it is a temptation to perform this naughty deed within this very discussion.  However, Google’s updated algorithm finds this behavior abhorrent.  The Panda algorithm is not about focusing on multiple uses of keywords and terms.  It is about providing unique and interesting content.

Marketing on the internet is an interesting game.  The object is to lure the reader by providing a good hook.  It is somewhat analogous to the old time boardwalk game of magnetic fishing.  A child is provided with a plastic fishing pole with a magnetic hook.  Each youngster becomes a winner when the magnet secures a fish with a designated prize.  Similarly, a well-written blog hooks its audience into reading the site.  They then have the opportunity to consider the blog as a resource.  Both parties become winners if the content is mutually beneficial.

Consider the rather overused example of the pencil sales organization.  Would you rather read a blog that merely refers to a pencil as a writing instrument?  Or, would you find it more enticing to hear alternate stories of its use?  For certain, we would be following legislation involving pencils and commenting on the proposed laws.  Students across the country have been suspended for pointing a pencil and claiming it is a gun.  If we were blogging on behalf of the pencil industry, we would be emphasizing the lunacy of these claims.  (Obviously, we would not want our product’s reputation damaged.)

Website content is important.  It needs to be sensible.  It should be relevant and necessary.  Blogs give the writer the opportunity to expand knowledge to its readers.  A well-written blog hooks them and rewards them.

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