Keep Your College Admissions Essay Clean

Keep Your College Admissions Essay CleanThis time of year many high school seniors are scrambling to write college admission essays.  Some will comb the internet for clever tips on producing perfect copy.  Others will actually employ perceived experts to write on their behalf.  At Writefully Inspired, we have one piece of important advice.  Keep your college admissions essay clean.

A Clean College Essay

Have we caught your attention? What could we possibly mean by keeping your college admissions essay clean?  Actually, we suggest that you liken your college essay contents to laundering your prized wardrobe piece on delicate cycle.  You want it to sparkle with pizazz and reflect your best appearance.  A well-dressed essay is essential to making the cut into your school of choice.  At the onset, consider the following:

  • Obviously your essay should be devoid of vulgarity. However, there are other forms of “dirty words” that make poor presentations.  For example, check to make sure you have used the correct “to, two or too”.  A simple misuse of a common word could find your essay tossed in the reject pile.
  • Refrain from sarcasm, which is distinctive from a touch of satirical wit.
  • Be open. Be frank. Be selective.  Yes, be strategic in the information you provide.
  • Resist the urge to rile your readers. Engage them, but don’t outrage them.
  • Avoid being cliché or routine. Be original.
  • Refrain from airing your dirty laundry. Yes, that sounded so cliché!

Following the Rules

Almost every college application includes guidelines for submitting the college essay.  To some, this must appear as a form of trickery.  For whatever amazing reason, some scroll past the rules and blindly submit their essays.  Some common errors:

  • Failing to notice the requisite format for the essay
  • Ignoring the topic and submitting a generic college essay
  • Exceeding the suggested length of the essay
  • Submitting an essay that is filled with grammatical and spelling errors

Writefully Inspired and College Essays

The college admissions process is extremely stressful.  Colleges require essays to gain insight into applicants.  For this reason, we suggest that it is unethical for a writing service to ghost write college essays.  At Writefully Inspired, we assist our clients in selecting topics and developing them.  At the conclusion, we read the completed essay to ensure that it is ready for submittal.

If you feel our service could be useful to enhance your application, please contact us.  We will also guide you in putting together your resume to ensure it meets standard guidelines.


Keep Your College Admissions Essay Clean
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Keep Your College Admissions Essay Clean
Keep Your College Admissions Essay Clean by following these useful tips

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