When It Looks Like a Life Story is a Great Way of Saying Thanks

life storyWithout question, the holidays bring on some great gratitude messages.  After all, we’re swiftly approaching the name day for words of appreciation.  It might not have occurred to you.  Your life story might actually be a great way of saying thanks.

Think of it this way.  No one knows your past as you do.  Equally important, is that no one will ever really tell your story the way you want it told.  You might prefer to leave out some salacious details that could embarrass you.  Maybe, it’s just that you are fearful of any misconceptions or omissions.

One day, your life story could actually bring solace to your family members.  Not only can it serve as a chronology of your legacy.  It often offers insight into your aspirations, values, and accomplishments.

That’s not to say that it’s easy to write about yourself.  At first glance, you might enjoy the challenge of a lengthy autobiography.  However, for many, a life story can be condensed to newsletter form with a few photographs documenting essential parts of your history

Your Life Story: How about a Ghostwriter?

life storyOne of the greatest frustrations in writing a life story is keeping out the fluff.  Be that as it may, a professional ghostwriter can help you sort through your purpose.  Is your intent merely to recite dates and familial relationships?   Or, are you hoping for much more?

For example, your life story could incorporate some legendary tales that you want to be carried on.  Maybe there’s the rumor that your grandmother was actually the illegitimate daughter of French royalty.  Perhaps it’s that your ancestors were part of the Underground Railroad system during the Civil War.  Think how valuable this information might be.

A ghostwriter is beneficial to you for other reasons.  No doubt you would like to document the tales of an aging family member.  One of the biggest messages of gratitude is an appreciation of the past.  A life story is different than a life tribute.   Consequently, the words of the living offer a perspective that never dies.

To Include or Not to Include?

At any rate, there are some things to consider when writing anyone’s life story.  Unfortunately, some have suffered some hard luck.  Meanwhile, others can demonstrate success over all obstacles.  The questions that need to be answered all deal with perception and intent.life story

Candidly, some use their life story to justify their actions.  Others use it as a means of revenge.  After all, if an individual’s tale is held in abeyance until death, there is no talking back.

In our experience, most people use their life story to pass on the family legacy.  It’s a great message of gratitude.

Let Us Write Your Life Story

At Writefully Inspired, we love life and the many stories that come from it.  Humans like hearing about others.  Contact us if you’d like help writing your life story.  We can also assist in interviewing a loved one and providing them with a gift documenting their life here on earth.


When It Looks Like a Life Story is a Great Way of Saying Thanks
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When It Looks Like a Life Story is a Great Way of Saying Thanks
Whether its your life story or that of a loved one, you'll find someone giving thanks for the tale of the past.

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