Do You Like Surprises?

Do you like surprises? Every now and again, I enjoy writing blogs that may seem to have little to do with our company’s mission.  Today, I want to touch upon how much surprises matters to me.  In reality,  Writefully Inspired encourages its clients and followers to develop their communication skills.  Often, the surprise element enhances the message.

Many people will run out to buy flowers and chocolate treats to impress their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.  Some will plan trips.  Others will buy elaborate jewelry.  The scores of people looking for cards with appropriate messages are especially crowded at this time of year.  I received a surprise valentine today that brought a big smile to my face.  It is from my two grandsons, who must have relayed their intent to their mother.  (They are three and eight months old.)  I am happy to share this gorgeous card with you below.

Love letters

Why was this card particularly special to me?  Other than the obvious cute picture of the boys, the address said a zillion words.  Prior to the birth of my oldest grandson, my daughter asked me to choose from the various grandmother titles.  Did I want to be called Grandma, Nana, Grammy, Granny, etc.?  I chose Grammy.  It never came to be.

My oldest grandson has his own words for things.  Not surprising, his language sometimes resembles minion speech.  One thing is clear, however.  He has decided to call me Mama. (It is quite distinct from calling his own mother “Mommy”).  My daughters called my own mother Mama until the day of her passing into heaven.  I cannot help but wonder if my mom is speaking through my grandson to remind us that she is always with us.

Love letters
Front of card

I spoke about loving surprises.  My husband and I do not exchange gifts for this particular holiday.  We figure we treat each other enough with surprises throughout the year.  Valentine’s Day reminds me of another wonderful card.  Please see the handwritten card I received last year from him .

Love letters
Inside of Card

My point?  To me, surprises are quite special.  I could have written a love letter to myself for my husband to give to me.  It would never have compared to the surprise I received from him.  Sometimes, letting go of control brings the best pleasure.

I am taking this opportunity to wish all of my readers a very Happy Valentine’s Day.  As I mentioned, I enjoy writing love lettersContact me at Writefully Inspired if I can help you write a winning message of love.

Do You Like Surprises?
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Do You Like Surprises?
Do You Like Surprises? Some people find it difficult to allow someone else to do something special without their input. What about love letters?

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