Why You Absolutely Need a LinkedIn Profile in Your Job Search

LinkedIn profileToday’s job market is more competitive than ever, and you need every possible advantage you can get when trying to distinguish yourself from other candidates.  More than likely, you’ve already bought into the concept of a LinkedIn profile.  However, not all professional profiles are created equal.

There may be more positions to go around than there were ten years ago.  By the same token, more and more candidates crowd the race.  All things considered, many are incredibly qualified. Part of making sure you’re in the running for your desired position is ensuring you’re embracing and fully utilizing the tools of the modern job seeker.  As you might guess, a primary example of using technology to find a job is an active and robust LinkedIn profile.

Your LinkedIn Profile: A Place in the Race

Submitting a resume to look for employment is one thing.  However, LinkedIn has become the digital networking mecca for an increasingly larger percentage of job seekers. Not having a presence on this site is basically the equivalent of sitting on a bench outside of a brick-and-mortar job fair.   LinkedIn profile

For one thing, LinkedIn allows you to connect and reach out to industry-specific professionals directly.  Meanwhile, your presence shows potential employers that you speak the language of the modern candidate and haven’t aged yourself out of the job market. This eliminates one of the primary obstacles for job seekers who feel they’re too old to compete with recent college graduates who may be willing to work for less money. Imagine a venue in which experience can be an asset, rather than a hindrance.

Next-Level Interaction on LinkedIn

While the resume has endured as an acceptable snapshot of applicants’ professional histories, it just isn’t enough anymore.  LinkedIn’s features include tailored items like customized URLs, personal summaries, photo placement and more.  Truth be told, LinkedIn profiles allow job seekers to further humanize themselves and distinguish themselves from the competition.

Meanwhile, a LinkedIn profile also permits you to further elaborate on your professional history and successes, while targeting job descriptions with appropriate keywords to help employers find you first. In an effort to maximize the potential for interaction, it is recommended that you request connections at least once per month.

Think of LinkedIn as a dating site on which you want to project the best version of yourself.   You want to make it to the first cut in every encounter.

Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

Professionals love reading about innovations and development within their industry. In your case, you might have information about a new product or service.  Meanwhile, you could have a burning idea for an op-ed piece about best practices or a lesser-discussed insight regarding your field as a whole.  With LinkedIn, you can post blogs or thought-leadership pieces to exhibit your broad knowledge, continued engagement, and passion for your chosen profession.

The blogging feature is also ideal for businesses that want to reach more prospective customers; however, you can leverage it to your advantage and show hiring managers that you’re a cut above the rest. Be careful that what you’re posting is constructive, tactful and relevant.

Leverage Video to Your Advantage

LinkedIn profileLinkedIn allows you to embed videos to their platform so you can directly interact with hiring managers and other professionals in your industry. Consider posting a vlog, webinar, or instructional video. Nothing works quite like the power of video to directly resonate with your target audience.

Video is also a quick way to gather more connections. Thus, you  increase your chances of being hired by a quality company that values your efforts.  As you might guess, video speaks for itself, and you.

Grow Your Professional Family

By utilizing the skills field and reaching out to existing connections for endorsements, you’re expanding your visibility and making yourself more marketable to a broader range of hiring professionals.   In fact, recruiters and prospective employers often use the skills field to search for keywords.

LinkedIn allows you to continuously evolve your professional legacy and expedite your search for quality employment. It is a game-changing resource for professionals in every industry and age group, from mid-level executives to blue-collar millennials.

As professional writers, we are constantly assisting others who know the importance of documenting their work history and skills.   We know about keywords and how critical resumes are to seeking employment.  In the meantime, resumes are just one part of the equation.

Writefully Inspired is ready to help you leverage the power of the internet.  Creating an engaging and impactful LinkedIn profile will increase your chances at success. Don’t miss out on making sure your professional profile meets the marks!  Get yourself in the game today to maximize your chances of success.

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