How to Make Job Searching Work During the Holidays

JOB SEARCHINGUnderstandably, it’s a crazy time of year for many people.  Job searching may not exactly be something on your mind.  However, there is the idea that you are going to need some cash to pay for those holiday presents.

Meanwhile, the end of the year actually offers some exciting opportunities.  Just about everyone knows someone who’s just hanging out until they receive their hefty Christmas bonus.  Or plans on leaving, because none or little is coming.

Truth be told, it’s not entirely difficult to find seasonal work.  However, those opportunities often involve slinging some boxes or waiting on customers in the retail industry.  Many prospective employees want other types of jobs.   For some, the concept of finding a temporary position and ultimately making it a permanent one will really work.

Job Searching Resources

There’s a common misconception that many employers shut down hiring efforts at the end of the year.  Assuredly, this is not the case.  After all, it could be a matter of using up budgets or anticipating hiring freezes.  In most instances, it’s really more about needing the right people.

job searchingJust in case you doubt us, take a look at Indeed.   Use the search box to see who’s looking to hire people with your professional skills.  For example, are you an administrative assistant?   In New York City alone, you’ll find that nearly 3500 employers are looking for someone who is efficient in a professional office environment.

However, you shouldn’t just stop at the usual job boards.  Venture over to LinkedIn where you’ll find tons of job listings.  While you’re at it, make sure you update your own professional profile. Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean that people aren’t checking their list of preferred candidates.   In fact, make sure your LinkedIn profile contains more than a recitation of your resume.

Resumes Matter

Job searchingBlame it on technology.  No doubt it won’t surprise you that recruiting teams easily go through hundreds of resumes to find prospective candidates.  And no, they’re not looking at what color paper you used, or whether you included a photograph of yourself.  In fact, the latter may even land your resume in the proverbial round file.

For starters, there’s the usual.  If you can’t bother to spell correctly on your initial submittal to a company, how can you expect them to hire you?   Of course, the same is true for poor grammar and lack of punctuation.

However, there’s something else you need to keep in mind.   Many companies use more sophisticated means to select prospective hires for interviews.  Both recruiters and human resources departments use applicant tracking systems.  As a result, your resume might not ever pass by a live person.   Instead, it may be passed over for lack of keywords.

Keywords are essential when it comes to writing resumes.  Additionally, your resume should focus on your accomplishments.  Take on the attitude that what you’ve done can translate to what you can do for someone else with little or no training.

Honesty counts when you’re putting together your resume.  Notably, you shouldn’t write that you’ve graduated college unless you really have.  Meanwhile, you should shy away from fudging dates.   In a worst-case scenario, you could get hired and dismissed for lack of integrity.

The Merits of a Cover Letter

Too often, job seekers use a generic cover letter for every resume.   It shouldn’t surprise you that the lack of personal attention does not go unnoticed.  Tailored cover letters should address how particular skills apply to job openings.  The cover letter is also an excellent opportunity to explain employment gaps.   Cover letters are sales letters with you as the commodity.

In the end, your goal is to get an in-person job searchinginterview.  It may mean passing through some major hoops to get there, but it can be done.

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At Writefully Inspired, we assist a number of people who are in search of employment.  We provide extreme attention to detail and point out any flaws in existing resumes.  Our services not only include resume writing, but also professional profiles and cover letters.  Contact us to see how we can help!

How to Make Job Searching Work During the Holidays
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How to Make Job Searching Work During the Holidays
Job searching itself can be a full time job. Don't let the holidays dissuade you from starting the process now.
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