Not Every Great Mom Has Felt the Pain of Labor

There’s a fact of life when it comes to motherhood – not every great mom has felt the pain of labor.

Mother's DayTruth be told, any agony associated with childbirth fades away in time. The miracle of life replaces it with a chance to love and be loved. However, that’s not to say that being a mom doesn’t come with its challenges.

Witnessing the special bond between a mother and child is pretty spectacular – especially when the mom just happens to be your “baby.”

Chrissy’s one of those who bank on her basic instincts, which just happen to be peppered with a lot of empathy. Tommy came into her life when she married her husband. As a package deal, the two turned out to be a mighty magnificent combination.Mother's Day

The past couple of years has been transitional for the family of three. Tommy and AJ are from Canada, where Tommy’s birth mother, grandpa, and other relatives live. Chrissy’s often the one to suggest the twelve-hour journey north from the Jersey Shore to keep ties close.

A Great Mom Who Knows the Importance of Good Health

No doubt, the health and safety of her little family matter most to Chrissy. Now eight, Tommy had severe allergy problems when he first came to the states three years ago. The condition caused incredible frustration despite previous attempts at home remedies and over-the-counter medicines.

The waiting list to see a specialist was years ahead in Canada. When she saw Tommy scratching away, Chrissy’s reaction showed evidence that she’d already fallen in love with more than his father. She saw a little boy who needed to wear footie pajamas with mittens at night to avoid significant scarring because the itchiness was unbearable.

Mother's DayOn one of Tommy’s first visits to New Jersey, Chrissy reached into her own pocket to bring him to an allergist. Within three weeks, Tommy was no longer scratching, and the family discovered the root of his allergies. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Chrissy herself felt Tommy’s physical distress before treatment began.

In the meantime, AJ and Tommy’s addition to the family resulted in a new cultural mix. Their heritage is indigenous to North America’s land as members of the Ojibway tribe, which might surprise anyone who meets the sweet boy with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Chrissy encourages Tommy to be proud of his culture as she explores different resources to learn more herself. She stands as a big advocate for the little boy who calls himself brown – but doesn’t look like it.

A Great Mom with Great Intuition

As a social worker, Chrissy’s the first to admit her feelings and intuition play into her professional role. However, she also concedes that although intuition cannot be taught, it cannot be overridden by evidenced-based practice and theory.

All of that might matter when it comes to Chrissy’s work experience, including her time as a case manager for the state’s child protective services. Perhaps the latter confirmed her instincts regarding the dangers of poor mothering or parenting.

Mother's DayHowever, I suspect Chrissy’s own moral compass already knew the direction to head when it came to becoming a critical part of Tommy’s life. She’s every bit the Mama Bear to his Baby Bear to AJ’s Papa Bear.

The added touch is Mr. Bear, a stuffed animal gifted to Tommy from his late paternal grandmother. Mr. Bear apparently comes to life with reprimands when he disagrees with something AJ or Chrissy has to say.

One of the most heartwarming scenes is watching Tommy run his fingers through Chrissy’sMother's Day hair as he attempts to braid it. Tommy puts his head down on Chrissy’s shoulder when he needs a bit of comfort. However, there’s no denying that the two offer one another a sense of calm, love, and understanding.

Chrissy provides both her little man and big man with a world of consistency and new experiences. Tommy has chores and receives rewards for them as a weekly allowance. He’s learning the value of money and how easy it is to spend and be without it.

It’s a regular menagerie in the Bear home, with Mama Bear as the only girl in the household. Big Ben, the coonhound, is now Benny Boy, and their frisky cat is named Coda. Both tend to be explorers of the outside world whenever they have the chance.

When they spotted an injured squirrel, Chrissy and Tommy brought it somewhere to ensure it received treatment.

Bad dreams require lots of hugs and cuddles, which all get delivered in true mommy fashion. In addition, the two exchange lots of laughter and tell plenty of jokes and riddles.

As a picky eater, Tommy’s learned to appreciate new foods thanks to Chrissy’s patience and attempts at making things easier. Sometimes, it’s just about trying things.

A Great Mom – An Amazing Mom

When it comes down to it, a child’s innocence reigns when it comes to telling the story of my baby’s role as a mother.

Chrissy didn’t need to go through the pain of childbirth to be a great mom. She didn’t need to read a book – or go through some evidence-based program.

My daughter, my heart – so full of love – an amazing mother who can always be proud of being part of her child’s today and tomorrow.

Happy Mother’s Day, Chrissy!

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