Ode to Punctuation

Are you aware of the value of skillfully placed punctuation?  In this Ode to Punctuation, we offer some insight into the function and intent of everything from periods, commas, exclamation points, and more.  We confess that the semi-colon is our favorite; it gives rise to a pause.  Life needs its stops and sometimes requires explanation.  Let us know if poor punctuation has impacted your life at all.  We want to hear your thoughts.

An Ode to Punctuation
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Death to a sentence leaves its mark.

A period. Quite final. The end.

A declamation. A strong remark.

Nothing held in dire suspend.


Eviscerate a pending thought?

A question mark is more than a query

Strikes a provocation or even wrought

Warns the author is possibly leery.


A semicolon; a reflection on life,

A pause with an aim of promoting chance,

An eye opener; broadens the strife,

Understood as furtherance on a stance.


Ode to Punctuation
A story continues with a semi-colon

An exclamation mark says it all and more!

Its height is compounded by the period below!

To some might appear a declaration of war!

While others employ it with a simple hello!


Commas are used, and worn-out, too,

Placed higher, they morph to apostrophes or a single quote,

Their curly end lists more than one or two,

Separates clauses and thins out run-ons and their bloat.


Life itself is a form of marks, with a beginning and an end.

Struggling with questions that examine the way?

Submitted in pause; they can challenge and lend;

More emotional value is intent on display!

At Writefully Inspired, we recognize that words are powerful allies that can also work against us.  We take this artform to a another level.  It is not just our language skills that are important; proper punctuation is essential to providing meaningful text.  We offer lessons in enhanced writing skills, as well as suggestions for better communication.  Contact us for assistance.








Ode to Punctuation
Article Name
Ode to Punctuation
In our Ode to Punctuation, we offer some essentials concerning use of common punctuation. Recognize the value!

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