On Writing New Years’ Resolutions

It is the eve before New Years’ Eve and many are contemplating making New Years’ resolutions.  After all, if we all ate better or exercised more, we would certainly enjoy healthier lives.  Our research on writing New Years’ resolutions uncovered some interesting resolves.  Have you jotted down some 2016 changes or cemented them in your thoughts? On Writing New Years' Resolutions

Some Interesting Resolutions

In order to give some broad exposure to some rather interesting New Years’ resolutions, we researched #NewYearsResolution.  What we found in some instances bordered on the bizarre.  Perhaps some on the resolves were merely scribed for attention.  Consider these:

  • “By 2016, I will be a well-known troublemaker … for God.”
  • “I will no longer lose my keys.”
  • “Twitter on ODD days & Facebook on EVEN.”
  • “This year I promise not to make any delay, and register for organ donation. Either in first 3 months or last 3 months. :)”
  • “Try and reduce my Netflix usage while still maintaining my relevance.”
  • “Think more. Say less.”
  • “I will have a baby in #2016; at least one.”
  • “…first ignore those who ignore me. Then I’ll unfriend them. Those of you who don’t mind my doing so won’t matter.”
  • “No stress.’

We have only shared a sampling of  twitter posts that struck us as amusing or very specific.  We note the role that social media plays in making resolutions on public display.  Of course, the internet is littered with resolutions related to losing weight and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  In addition, many businesses have used the #NewYearsResolution as a marketing tool.

Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Savvy business people target their marketing plans according to the calendar.  It is no secret that many decide to start a new year with fresh ideas.  Here are some posts we found intended to lure those who have change in mind:

  • From a bath products distributor: “Escape holiday stress in the comfort of your own shower.”
  • From a hypnotist: “Planning to become a #nonsmoker as #newyearresolution? Let hypnosis help.”
  • From a personal trainer: “Workout with the best. Start your #NewYearResolution early and get in the gym this week!”
  • From a sales coach: “Get your #sales team into the best shape to hit their #newyearresolution.”

New Years’ Resolutions and Success Rates

It is no secret that some New Years’ resolutions result in utter failures.  We believe that some challenges can lead to a sense of inadequacy.   According to an article that appeared in Forbes, only 8% of resolves actually come to completion.  Could it be that we are too hard on ourselves?  Notwithstanding, we suggest that marketing your business to encourage success could prove valuable.

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At Writefully Inspired, we are proud of our 2015 achievements.  If you can help you with your 2016 goals, please contact us.  We wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

On Writing New Years' Resolutions
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On Writing New Years' Resolutions
Have you given much thought on writing new years' resolutions? Other than personal development, can they be used in a marketing campaign?

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