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Online DatingFor many, the internet is an infinite source to search for companionship and even everlasting love.  Some go the gratis route and place advertisements on Craig’s List and free dating sites.  Others use paid websites, with the assumption that they will get better quality if there is an associated cost.  Social media has also played its part in reuniting aging solos (and not so single ones) with their high school sweethearts.

How important is communication in all of this?  In reality, it’s not much different than going into a nightclub with the hope of meeting new “friends.”  People tend to judge by first appearances.  Some don’t dream of going out for the evening without a face full of paint.  They may portray a picture that doesn’t necessarily represent reality.

  Although photographs are often exchanged, there are no guarantees that they are current ones.  Some pay professional services such as ours to make themselves look better on virtual paper.  Some services actually handle the whole internet dating process…from the initial ad, to subsequent message exchanges, and everything up to the in-person meeting.

We don’t consider ourselves a professional dating service.  Rather, we are wordsmiths and pride ourselves in making our clients look good on paper.  We enjoy interviewing people and culling out their good qualities, as well as their quirks.  We are good listeners and good readers.  Often, what is written between the lines is just as important as the blatant message.  We can help you with that first approach to an old flame, to see if it can spark again.  We can make sure your missives are written by you, with a touch of literacy.  In short, we’re happy to be your personal advertisement agency.

If you need help putting together a personal ad, or even a well thought love letter, please feel free to contact us at 908 925-0167 or write to us at

Old Flames Won't Necessarily Spark Again
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Old Flames Won't Necessarily Spark Again
Online Dating - The psychology behind meeting through words is an interesting one.

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