It’s All About the People

When I was a child, I was subjected to the normal query asking what I wanted to be when I grew up and became an adult. Invariably, I had the same answer. I wanted to be a “famous” author. I am not sure what stories I thought I would tell back then, as I have never enjoyed writing fiction. By the time I started my journalism studies, I elaborated on my ambitions. I jokingly told anyone who would listen that I wanted to write trashy novels. After all, they were clearly the moneymakers and fit in well with my quest for notoriety. However, every author knows that it is best to write about the familiar. I have abandoned that genre of storytelling. It might be because I still dislike writing fiction. Alternatively, it might mean I do not want anyone to question my sordid tales as reality. I have developed into a far different type of author.

 What are my favorite things to write about? Quite simply, people. I love capturing people on my canvas made only of words. One of my favorite stories dates back to my college days. I went to a commuter school and remember visiting a local eatery. A young girl with jet-black hair and eyes as dark as olives would stand by the door. She was no more than twelve years old. I soon learned that she was a gypsy child; her mother was the local fortuneteller. She could not read. She could not write. I helped get her enrolled in school. I then wrote about her for our college paper. I felt it was a dual accomplishment.

The stories have continued. They now take different forms. I have assisted bereaved family members in writing eulogies, making sure they capture the essence of their deceased loved ones. I have put together narratives on genealogical histories, so that memories are preserved. One, “A Sequestered Saga” spans a few decades of family secrets. I have enjoyed writing articles about people and their successes. Likewise, I love sitting with people who think their personal tale is important and informative.

I learned long ago that not everyone has my passion for committing things to paper. Some would rather make a collage of pictures rather than a total presentation. Others find writing a difficult task. If you have a story you think needs to be told, please contact me at You may also call (908) 925-0167 for a complimentary consultation.

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