Life and Death

life story

Legacy Letters/Ethical Wills

 A legacy letter or ethical will is a document that can serve multiple functions. It can relate stories from the past as a means of explaining family traditions. It can act as a vessel for sharing ethical values and moral viewpoints. An ethical will or legacy letter is also a means to share advice and blessings to loved ones. Some might consider this type of communication the most valuable treasure left behind to them.

Eulogies & Life Tributes

One of the hardest things in life is to write the eulogy of a loved one. Writefully Inspired’s professional writers can produce a memorable eulogy that truly pays homage to the decedent. Want to show respect to someone while they are alive? Our professional writers also compose Life Tributes that are well appreciated by honorees and audiences.

Life Stories & Family Histories

Do you have a life story that you wish to commit to print? Writefully Inspired’s professional writers are available to pen your life story. Our experts know the value in preserving family histories for present and future generations. Writefully Inspired can help you make sense of your genealogical research and write an impressive document to share with those that matter most to you.

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