Well-written resumes are crucial for those seeking a job or a promotion.  Some trace their employment issues back to 2008. This was the beginning of the downward spiral of job availability in the United States. As the search for work continues to be competitive, it is extremely important to have a good resume. Sometimes, it pays to have more than one version summing up transferable skills in a changing job market.

A resume serves as a quick reference guide to prospective employers. Sadly, you may labor over the content for days. You are lucky to get a six second review from the person making the decision to call you in for an interview. The advantage of using a writing service is that our charge is to make you stand out among others. It is a cost effective solution to an otherwise difficult process.

Here are some issues that Writefully Inspired’s writers consider in drafting a well-received resume:

1)    We keep it succinct and easy to read. We are cognizant of the six-second review rule. No one is looking beyond the second page of your resume. Candidly, recruiters may only concentrate on the information contained on the first page.

2)    We focus on your strengths and proven abilities. Education and achievement awards are highlighted. Merit recognition is a clear indicator to prospective employers of how you will perform for them.

3)    We interview you and determine whether one resume fits your needs. Most recently, we spoke with someone with an extensive sales background, who was also a property owner. He was extremely interested in moving to the property management field. We re-purposed his resume to focus on his transferable skills. This individual had concrete experience in negotiating contracts and dealing with vendors. We helped him to use these abilities to secure a different type of employment.

4)    We concentrate on making your resume unique to you. In the digital age, it is extremely easy to spot boilerplate resumes. For example, one of our clients presented us with a resume done by another service. We noted the phrase “Committed to quarterbacking internal teams through the exchange of knowledge, experience and goal sharing to optimize strategies and drive sales.” When we googled the phrase, we found at least 100 resumes using these exact same words.

5)    We also help develop your presence on LinkedIn or other networking sites that are important to your profession. Professional profiles are important and a reflection of your past and prospective employment abilities. The internet is a vast arena of possibilities. We help you insure that your online reputation is stellar as a professional.

 If you are looking for a new position and need to assemble a resume that mirrors you, please contact us. We can work on putting together a new resume, or reformatting an existing one.

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