Social Media Poses Danger

social media poses danger

In case you do not know it already, social media poses danger.  Seemingly innocent posts and photographs on any of the sites can come back to haunt the author.  In fact, the results can create unnecessary mayhem in one’s personal and public life.  There is truth to the acronym “TMI” or “Too Much Information”.  There are also concerns that sarcasm or innuendos may not translate well to those who do not know you.

Posts Regarding Personal Behavior

The impetus for this blog comes from a local story that has received national attention.  A group of young off-duty police officers and their civilian friend were out for a night on the town.  They were involved in a horrific accident that resulted in the death of two of the passengers.  The driver, one of the officers, is in critical condition.  Although blood alcohol results are not in, many are outraged and have already decided that he was driving while intoxicated.  We continue to pray that he was the designated driver and was sober.  We also pray for his recovery and the other victim who is still alive.  We are also saddened by the death of the two deceased vehicle occupants.

Part of the media attention not only comes from the concern that the driver was an off duty police officer who may have defied the law himself.  It also arises from his public posts on Twitter and Instagram.  One is a picture of three alcohol shots on the bar, taken on the evening of the accident. Other pictures and tweets are reflective of social activity of a young man in his twenties.  Unfortunately, they make for some pretty sensationalist journalism.  The media is going to town with these posts.  Sadly, so is the public.  What may have been innocent and even joking comments, will play forever in some people’s opinion of this young man.

“Check Ins” on Social Media

Many social media sites give users the opportunity to “check in” and “tag” others as they go through their day.  We find this process to be “TMI”.  For one, the idea of providing information when you are away from your residence provides what may be viewed as accessibility to your home.  We wonder how many robberies occur as a result of this process.

At least one other problem can transpire because of social media check-ins.  Hurt feelings.  People may feel excluded or resentful.  We don’t imagine that this is the intent of most who use them.

Digital Identity for Children

Parents may feel comfortable sharing their children’s antics and cute little pictures.  In reality, they are creating a premature digital identity for them.  Some may even discuss their offspring’s health issues without qualms.  We question whether this is a fair thing to do from the people who are charged with shielding their little ones?

Protect Your Social Media Brand

Social media poses danger.  At Writefully Inspired, we help professionals and companies protect their brand on social media.  If you need help understanding this concept, please contact us.  Happy postings!

Social Media Poses Danger
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Social Media Poses Danger
Social media poses danger. Seemingly innocent posts or photographs can equate to a lifetime of harm.

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