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Who Else is Pals With Their Dad? (The Luck of the Irish!)

Editor’s Note: In the spirit of remembering fathers, we are pleased to share this year’s Father’s Day tribute.  Joe Carney summed up his dad to us in one simple word – “Pals.”  In his spare time, Joe is a comedian – and is well known for his great timing and …


This is What Happens When Someone Chooses to Be Your Father

Editor’s Note:  We are pleased to share this wonderful story written by our own Christine M. Daneslon.  Christine speaks with love about someone very close to our own heart. To some, family can be a sore subject.  For many, occasions like Father’s Day can be the hardest days of the …


My Heart Will Always Treasure My Daddy’s Last Hug

Editor’s Note:  In this final part of our series on exceptional dads, Katelyn Faughnan wrote this story for us.  Katelyn is a senior at Bloomsburg University currently working  towards her Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences.   She is also part of the Writefully Inspired family and someone particularly dear to us.   …


You Really Know How Awesome Your Dad Was When You Become Him

Editor’s Note: As part of our continuing series on exceptional fathers, we share this story written by Joe Zagorski.  He is a lifelong New Jerseyan who parlayed four years as a stay at home dad into a preschool teaching career. His hobbies include cooking, Star Wars, and teaching his kids the finer …

Amazing Dad's Strength

This Amazing Dad’s Strength and Love Outweigh His Challenges

Editor’s Note: As part of our continuing series on special fathers, we are pleased to present this story.  It was written by Kristin Campiglia, the Director of Admissions of Mother Seton High School in Clark and Group Leader with Touchstone Crystal.  Kristin holds a Journalism degree from Rutgers University.  She relies on her …

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