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See Where this Woman Found Beautiful Love and Wisdom

Editor’s Note:  Our third story in our Father’s Day series was written by Nancy Scherer, a New Jersey banker.  As a mother and grandmother herself, Nancy offers a unique perspective of her dad.  She has great appreciation for the love and wisdom she learned from him.  Nancy fondly remembers times that …

daughter's story

This Daughter’s Story Will Really Leave You on Edge

Editor’s Note: We asked for contributors for our Father’s Day blogs.  This story was written by Megan Bandelt, a theater-maker, mostly found as a writer and dramaturg. She is a consumer of gluten-free cookies living in NYC. Currently, she is touring her one-woman show Garbage at PortFringe Theater Festival in Portland, Maine …

amazing mother

To The Amazing Mother Whose Beating Heart I Heard First

There is an amazing mother in my life. One whose beating heart first started within my womb. She is named Gina for my late brave Grandmother.  And, her father’s sister.  A kind and wonderful woman.  It’s no wonder that Gina has become an amazing mother. She lives up to her …

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