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Writefully Inspired

What in the World Does It Mean to Be “Writefully Inspired?”

I strive to do what I consider rightful – by passing on messages to inspire others.

What Happens When You Decide to Publicly Express Gratitude?

Admittedly, it’s become a rather unintentional experiment.  A personal, yet public one.  Like me, you might be surprised to learn what happens when you decide to publicly express gratitude. Social media offers a plethora of opportunities.  For many, it acts as a forum for political debate.  On the other hand, …

the gratitude game

The Gratitude Game

It is just about a week before Thanksgiving and I thought I would share some of my thoughts for the upcoming celebration.  This year we will be playing the Gratitude Game.  As the family matriarch on my side, my husband and I host many holiday celebrations.  In some respects, Thanksgiving …

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