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When It Looks Like a Life Story is a Great Way of Saying Thanks

Without question, the holidays bring on some great gratitude messages.  After all, we’re swiftly approaching the name day for words of appreciation.  It might not have occurred to you.  Your life story might actually be a great way of saying thanks. Think of it this way.  No one knows your …

writing things down

The Problem with Not Writing Things Down

There’s a problem with not writing things down.  Not as daily reminders.  But, as forever memories. Untold stories leave questions.  Unshared legacies. The jewelry box is labeled with an inscription to my now deceased mother.  It reads the “Family Connection.” I keep it hidden away from my other valuables.  I …

Life’s Tchotchkes and their Stories

Moving on in life can mean passing on life’s tchotchkes and their stories. When my mother transcended to the heavens, my father allowed us to select from her treasures. I was attracted to one item because of the inscription on the box. It simply read “the family connection”. Inside was …

Legacy letter for son

Legacy Letter Written for a Young Man

He was a young man. He died last Saturday.  Just a couple of years ago, we helped him write his legacy letter.  He did not know the formal name of the document that would capture his words through eternity.  He did not have many worldly possessions to leave behind.  However, …

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